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Cert OCCMED (Monash)
Cert plant based nutrition (Cornell)
member of the Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, member of PCRM, and member of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association. 

Health Films for your consideration on Youtube and Netflix to help explain the basis of a whole food plant based
diet- please type the title into the search bar of youtube or Netflix.
(plant based receipe websites below in green under useful links, use beyondblue, blackdog and medcircle for online mental health support and resources )

1.The Game changers (Netflix)
2.Kiss the ground (netflix)
3.what the health (youtube or netflix)
4.Fat sick and nearly dead (Netflix)
5.Forks over knives (youtube):
6.cowspiracy (youtube or netflix)
7.An introduction to a whole food plant based diet Dr Lim (youtube)
8.The c word (Netflix)
9.Dr Neil Barnard berlin (youtube):
10.The vegetarian society of Hawaii dr Michael klapper (youtube)
11.The vegetarian society of Hawaii dr Michael greger (youtube)
12.The  interrelatedness of diet nutrition and the immune system (youtube)
13.Dr Mcdougall's colour picture book (youtube)
14.chris beat cancer food (youtube)
15.chris beat cancer riki lake (youtube)
16.Confessions of a reformed cardiologist:A plant based diet and your heart (youtube)
17.The end of diabetes and super immunity by Dr joel Fuhrman (youtube)
18.Dr Joel Fuhrman- 3 steps to incredible health (youtube)
19.fat sick and nearly dead 2 (Netflix)
20.Vegan 2020 the movie (youtube)
21.whats with wheat (youtube) with schizophrenia according to a psychiatrist-
23.No excuse workout- couch Potato Workout(youtube)
24.Jabbed- full film available on sbs on demand (youtube)
25.60 minutes influenza(youtube):
26. Food choices (amazon prime)
27.An interview with Dr dennis Burkitt:

29. -alcohol addiction

m- 8-2
t- 10-2
w- 8-2
th- 8-2
fri- Off
sat- Off
sun- 9-4

Special interests 


mental health 


weight management 

lifestyle medicine

occupational health 



  • Ambulance, Fire, Police 000

  • NSW mental health supportline 1800 011 511

  • Life line 13 11 14

  • Youth line 02 9633 3666

  • Poisons Information 131 126

  • Health direct Australia 1800 022 222

  • Westmead Adult’s Hospital 02 8890 5555

  • Westmead Children’s Hospital 02 9845 0000

  • Blacktown Hospital 02 9881 8000

  • Norwest Private Hospital 02 8882 8882

  • Sydney Adventist Hospital 02 9487 9111

© 2017 Dr Sanj Nagulendran

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